20 things I’ve learned about the business world in less than a year.

María Gabriela
4 min readDec 23, 2017


In less than a year, I’ve had the opportunity to explore a minuscule part of the ecosystem. I have to admit, I find this complex and intriguing world of business utterly fascinating. Although, these 20 lessons don’t do justice to all the knowledge I’ve been exposed to, I would still like to share some of the learning I’ve absorbed in such short amount of time.

1. In the Business world the “hungriest”are the ones who survive.

2. In the business dictionary, hunger translates to ambition & will to hustle.

3. The more you practice, the more you learn. The more you learn, the wiser you get. The wiser you get, the better the decisions you make.

4. Talking about decision making… it summarizes the business world. The more risks you take, the more your ability to make decisions will improve.

5. There’s always someone faster, better & brighter… the deal is finding out how you can stand out from them. What’s your own value proposition?

6. Dedicate time to yourself… getting to know your strengths & understanding your weaknesses will help you unveil the opportunities and threats in your way… (yeah, SWOT much).

7. Determination, perseverance, openness to change, leadership & responsibility… those are the real keys to business success, everything else just comes along.

8. Listen to your inner voice. That gut feeling you get when you’re about to make a decision…take it into consideration.

9. It is absolutely true that all projects need the 3Hs: a hustler, a hacker, and a hipster. Identify your role and find the rest of your tribe.

10. All employers are looking for someone with willingness to learn, therefore, keep educating yourself and always be open to receiving more knowledge. (And if you’re the boss, you still need to be willing to learn new things.)

11. There’s no such thing as a perfect idea, so don’t fall head over heels with it. You need to be able to change, mold, and adapt your ideas.

12. Creating a timeline and establishing goals should always be done. Set your priorities straight and direct your efforts towards your main objectives… time is money and money doesn’t grow on our backyards (unless you’re Trump, apparently).

13. If you’re not good with numbers, get acquainted with someone who is because resources management can have a huge impact on your project/company and pocket.

14. In case you haven’t noticed yet, the world is going to end soon, so while we’re still here, I encourage you to run your business as sustainable and socially responsible as possible (there’s a whole guide for that… SDGs Compass).

15. Core values you should live by during your life cycle in the business world:

  • Non-conformity
  • Authenticity
  • Purpose
  • Creativity
  • Transparency
  • Honesty & respect
  • Empathy

16. KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) will lead your way and will tell you where you need to concentrate more. Measuring performance should always be on your to-do list.

17. Inbound marketing is the new trend, but don’t forget about good old Mary. Outbound marketing still works the magic.

18. If you don’t know your target market from head-to-toe…then you’re not launching yet. Get to know your target market, your customer is as (or even more) important than your product/service. Besides that, the main topic people wanna talk about is themselves, and the only way to be successful at that conversation is if you know them too.

19. Execute, execute, execute. Be a doer; it will take you places…or you’ll just end up creating your own place, which is better.

20. Money moves the business world, so always keep in mind the (ROI) return of investment. You want to receive the amount you invested back, and if it comes multiplied it’s even better. Investors, society, every single person in this game wants the same thing.

Thank you to every single person that has shared knowledge with me. #TheHustleIsReal



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